QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)

Fear Itself

It's funny how we fear things that we never had experience with-
Nonchalant towards things we should fear.

What determines fear? can you smell it, taste it, or feel it?
Does it feel like the ground is cracking beneath you? or does your mind forsake you; put you in a state of mind your not use to!

At the moment living without a heart, almost no thought fear the little things, feeling cocky standing up to big things-
Lost the fight against whats consider minor things.

My biggest fear is stepping foot on a airplane!

by Queen Taz

Comments (2)

I don't like being high up either. But I like taking about fear. I have a poem called LIFE'S COMPANION that I'd like you to read. You might just find it interesting. And don't forget to read A THING CALLED HOPE. Have a good evening Kevia. GW62
wow this is really good