Fear Of Losing You

Fear of losing you
[Ft. Laureate Hlomendlini]

Laureate Hlomendlini

I ain't ready to lose you
Deep in my heart
I fear that I will never
Meet someone like you

I fear that you
Will take all my happiness
Away from me
I kneel down with vows
On my mouth
Making a promise to love and caring
For you until eternity

I rise on point
Of the love you have given me

Lewis Da-Lyricist

Why you mad at me? ,
You promised to me that
you won't go,
I can't believe you
left me alone,
Now my life is
starting from the bottom,
I guess it was on top.

After we met,
My life was awesome.
I am not a good
photographer but
you made me to see life
with a different picture,
I had a Better picture
and started to
see the World with a positive
But now you leaving me,
Now my life is
having some clouds,
It is too black
and white to see the difference.

If making love
with you is against the law
I guess I should be terrified
for the rest of my life,
Cause you the candle
that brightens in darkness,
For I've lost electricity
in my inner side.

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Lewis Da-Lyricist

by Lewis DaLyricist

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