The Last Ship

There and back again
I scouted ahead and saw
A noble army amidst all
And in its entrance I gained

Outstanding leaders it produced
Intellects it gathers
Knowledge it impacts
Into the varsity's youths

The qualities of these I saw
In this noble gathering it seems
Pledging my ability to its cause
To march the soldiers forward

On the shores I walked
Getting closer to the dock
Glimpsing a white-clad figure
The captain of a ship he is

'How many times have you boarded a ship? '
Was the question from the captain
'My fourth time this will be'
Was the simple reply I gave

The sea is quite wide
The turbulent are there still
Quite a good one is the ship
But safety isn't guarantee in the tempest

Fear laced my humble mind
Yet, I'm overwhelmed with grief
Of what is my mind concerned about
Nothing but your act of I-dont-carism

The captain I pray
Carry me to the other shore
Not to dump me in another's ship
But to let me roam the land freely

To sit down at the nearby shore
To waddle my feet in the sea's coolness
To cast all my worries aside
And say my thanks to the last ship boarded.

by Akinbode Oluwaseun

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