Fear Of The Unknown

Today result comes
Numb in fear of the unknown
Fail what comes after

by Margaret Moran

Comments (5)

the fear of the unknown is always in our hearts before we undertake any action in life. Great witty poem.
Howsoever we may rationalize, the fear of unknown will always be there. Despite this, the man tries to live his life to the fullest since the time immemorial. Thanks.
Fear is a conglomeration of sinister shadows, and a shadow has no substance. It's usually a magnified reflection of something small, that's why on confronting fear we often find it inconsequential. An insightful poem nicely brought forth. Thanks for sharing Margaret. Please have a look at my poem POETIC MASTERPIECE.
The unknown scares everyone
Very well expressed fear. So many of us suffer from the fear of the Unknown. it is a reality and you have expressed it well. thank you.