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Fear Of The Unknown.

I come now from those foreign places
Unknown to those with hidden faces
Bedecked and different, for them to leer
As one unknown, something to fear

Am I not I that you can see?
What is the fear you see in me?
This faceless one, that makes you quake
I hold no fear its what you make

Deceive yourself if that you may
And cringe from that which spells decay
I hold no terrors in these hands
I am but a vessel to unknown lands

There is nothing to fear but fear itself
Of what, the memory of love or wealth
You will take my hand, make no mistake
A new life starts as you awake.

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Very common in life. However, it is better to learn and, to know. Nice work.
A new life starts as you awake. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.
One interpretation: Cancer- -hidden faces- -doctors in masks. Your poem is ambiguous and that's something I like in a poem. Nicely done.
gripping - hidden faces makes me think of the middle east - perhaps a soldier gone over to help? But seen only by the locals as a detriment? Or on the spiritual scale could have been written by Christ - visiting those who hide in shame. The last two lines could bring about the macabre also - if written by a rapist and kidnapper - a stranger forcing his way into her life... I see so many things here. Amazing poem Graham!
Fear is indeed baseless in life and bold step forward brings one closer both love and wealth sure!
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