Fear Of The Unknown.

I come now from those foreign places
Unknown to those with hidden faces
Bedecked and different, for them to leer
As one unknown, something to fear

by Graham Jones Click to read full poem

Comments (13)

Very common in life. However, it is better to learn and, to know. Nice work.
A new life starts as you awake. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.
One interpretation: Cancer- -hidden faces- -doctors in masks. Your poem is ambiguous and that's something I like in a poem. Nicely done.
gripping - hidden faces makes me think of the middle east - perhaps a soldier gone over to help? But seen only by the locals as a detriment? Or on the spiritual scale could have been written by Christ - visiting those who hide in shame. The last two lines could bring about the macabre also - if written by a rapist and kidnapper - a stranger forcing his way into her life... I see so many things here. Amazing poem Graham!
Fear is indeed baseless in life and bold step forward brings one closer both love and wealth sure!
Hidden face of life; with the ways of nature. Nice work.
It's imaginative, lucid, suggestive and inspired piece about fear from unknown, most often misunderstood people, different as they are, the travelers to unknown lands - in spirit or life. Final lines bring enlightening message: You will take my hand, make no mistake A new life starts as you awake Thanks PH for sharing valid member's work, whenever the last visit (here 2007) !
Several things spring to mind loss of fear or even death whosespeaking nothing to fear but a new life but I babble no words do it justice just to say I enjoyes
A poem of hope. Writing about fear helps to dispel it.
Awesome poem Graham! 'Nothing to fear but fear itself'. Thanks for sharing!
We sometimes fear when we come across situations that are unknown to us, but we have to overcome it in order to get to know. This poem is a great example of how something different can make us have fear.
Another good one from you Graham, you never fail to give pleasure with your writing. Lovely. Love Ernestine XXX
A really good write. This poem made me feel for you. Hugs Anna xxx