AD (3/5/1984 / Colorado)

Fear Of What's To Come

Enter into this world blind, not able to see.
The darkness surrounds, other senses are keen.
Locked on like a target in your mind ahead.
Losing control now the panic begins to spread.

Trying to regain what has been rightfully yours.
Dodging obstacles in your way as the pain pours.
Distinguish reality, your faith has gone astray.
Pause realizing your inhibitions can't be found today.

Nothing to grasp, the clutches are now tight.
Bleeding profusely losing waht's really in light.
Windows of opportunity have come now and gone.
Wishing for a turn of events, everything is wrong.

Mindless currents drift accross your path.
Wishing for it all to end, fear of evil's wrath.
Disguise you life and take what comes.
Figure out what you can and take it in sums.

Despite what we're told, we draw our own lines.
Never taking a second look at all of the signs.
Believe what we hear and never with our eyes.
Imaginary visions that have all become lies.

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it was the courage to face the fear...the fear to sum this is our fate, to face our detiny even in agony it's the power of youth my friend...keep it going