Fear Suffocates

I am so afraid fear must seep out my pores
And pour out my mouth in silent screams
Close my ears to things I don't want to know
Makes my voice say things that I don't mean

Fear makes the tears burn worst and the guilt is stronger
It forces my hands over my eyes
Makes me curl my lips into a fake smile
And makes me laugh when I would rather cry

It traps me in a cage lonliness
It grabs hold of my thoughts and my dreams
It makes me want to run far far away
It runs through my bones in deadly streams

It is the shiver from the nightmares cold
I am drowning in the endless dark
When I an afraid it consumes my whole body
Tightening a cold fist around my heart

Now, I put my hope in the Lord above
Ask him to heal the soul no one sees
Pray to him for bravery, courage, and strength
I'm begging you Lord to set me free!

by Missy Belk

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