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Fear The Fear
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Fear The Fear

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

I fear the fear i cannot stop,
I fear it more and more,
And when i grind my teeth with pain,
The words come out demure.
I close my eyes with acid,
And dream while not asleep,
To confuse any enemys,
Anything i write i eat.
I fear the loss of loving,
But loving leads to pain,
So when im loving i admit,
I start to fear again.
I cry tears of happiness,
To pretend it isnt real,
I divulge no information,
On what is truely real.
I say sorry constantly,
It means nothing anymore,
Im sorry i cant be sincere,
Are you wanting more?
Would you like my fantasies,
To warp with truth and light,
Or can i keep them to myself,
So i can keep them warped inside?
I fear my sense of longing,
I turn me inside out,
My insides are much prettier,
Than the outsides ever felt.
So spit on me with poison,
Prove my worth is nil,
I dont fear your ignorance,
Its your clarity that kills.
Seek the maze of happiness,
And dont you chase you tail,
Dead ends lace every divide,
But no one can win or fail.
So fear the fear that i fear,
And see that all this mess,
Will not be sanitised with truth,
When you beg me to confess.

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great poem! so deep and meaningful in so different ways i love it