Fear To Love Again

Life is like an illusion, and illusion that won’t go away
It shows us where we could be, but still it’s just the same
We sit and hope for happiness, every single day
Just to find it’s all too hard, to love and trust again

A heart is broken just as quick as it once was full of joy
And to heal a broken heart, is not an ordinary choice
It leads to pain and suffering, if not done just the way
But sitting here in emptiness is not the rightful way.

The fear of loving once again, is hanging oh so close
It makes me wonder, is it worth, or should I let it go
I look inside, and see myself, broken down again
Cos loving you is splitting me, the fear is here again.

But when I look into my heart, I know the fear is dead
I look at you and fear no more, you make me see it clear
The world is just an empty space, if u are not my dear
So please be close, and don’t let go, even if you fear.

Cos fear is over rated, and waist of useful time
So throw the fear behind your back and take me by my hand
As long as we can walk the walk, together we will find
Joy and long full happiness, that last’s us through the life

by thomas nie

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Thx for the comments; -) i have never written anything before and just a normal guy.... All i wrote was thought i have about a friend of min and just wanted some inputs if it was ok to show her or not...... BUT i been getting 2 personal messages that say's its total CRAP and should never be shown to anyone sooo i better not show her But thx for u guys nice comments
Thank you Thank you, it is beautiful to read.