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Fearing, Fear
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Fearing, Fear

Poem By Randy McClave

I once feared, fear,
Until I shed my first tear,
Then I understood how its always near
And wishing, causes it not to disappear.
I will not let it become my master,
My life will not ever become its disaster.

Fear has caused men to run and hide
And some have lost their pride,
To escape it some men have just lied
While some just surrendered, and cried.
It will never become my Lord,
As long as I have my emotions, as my sword.

I once feared an emotion
Which caused fright and distress and its commotion,
I then climbed mountains and I swam an ocean
My belief and my strength was my greatest potion.
Fear, at one time it was my feeder,
Never again, will it be my ruler, or my leader.

Randy L. McClave

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