Fearing Reality

The only people fearing reality today,
Are those who have been sold...
On delusions to permit as their way of life.
While giving attention to threats created,
They accept to hear described to incite.
And told they are initiated by outside forces,
Endorsing attacks while they sleep at night.
Resulting from spiteful envy and jealousies.

'Why are you peeking out the window?
Holding a gun at this hour of night.

~We must protect our interests.
With a watching every move of our neighbors.
Who knows what they do when not in sight.~

Although from the inside looking out,
This quality of life fearing threats tossed about...
Seems to have been diminishing a 'consciousness',
By their own inbred biases existing to keep kept.
With preferences declared as entitlements,
To disrespect and shared to express openly...
A love for decadence to effect ongoing hatred.
And facts left ignored purposely to deceive truth.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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