Poem By Jessica HernandezDamian

Everyone has fear of something
but do you know fear is our
weakness If we have fear all
the time we wouldn't be
successful It takes no fear
to survive Fear is our
weakness so we should be
fearless to live and
survive Fearless will
take us a place we will
never know If we give it
a shot to have no fear
We should all be fearless
and turn into a strong to
survive It takes no fear to
survive in this world

Comments about Fearless

For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind. Truly, fear is a thief... God bless you
a nice message for everyone....... don't let fear become your weakness, , , , , fight for it! .......... I likes this one, truly engaging and motivating! ..........
A good message to everyone. Thank you for sharing
Great write Jessica. Sometimes it just takes age and wisdom to overcome these fears.

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Many people have faith in their lives.
Faith will always be around in our
lives because we all have faith.
You just have to believe you have

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