LN (12/29/1990 / Sacramento, CA)


It comes in many shades, the darkness of night; hiding all of the creatures out of its own spite. Hisses of the snakes, roars of the hog, each has a place in this darkened bog. Fear is only in your mind as you walk out through our time. Fear is only too much to hold, when it dances on the oars of a boat.
It silences all with its mighty breath; the colors we wear show it in our theft. Black as night and darkened sky, trees that howl and the wind says goodbye. Fear is of the essence they all use to say; now I’m lying here, slowly to pray.
If there were fears, fears of lust, fears of unknown, fears of trust. If there are fears then where do they come; like little voices stepping on our tongues. The darkness eats up a path in your heart as the fear seeps in you of us being apart.

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'like little voices stepping on your tongue.' That's great.
Ok, you want criticism, I think this could be better with some spacing.=]haha
WOW! ! I love the rhyme and description, it is amazing!