Fear to loose family, my life would be in misery.
Fear to loose someone I used to talk and play.
Fear to blink my eyes, might disappear the things I see.
fear to talk much, I might slip the word I say.
Fear to touch birds that will cause their flee.
Fear to step forward, I might fall not in line.
Fear to smile and laugh because I will cry after a while.
Fear to make decisions, I might choose which is not right.
Fear to walk alone, I might take the wrong path.
Fear to love because it hurts alot.
Fear to live in dark because there will be no life.
Fear to have argues because I must show good values.
Fear to fail people's high expectations
Because they uused to see my perfection.
Fear to make an act that people would react.
Fear to commit mistake that others could not accept.
Fear to disobey parents rules that would cause trouble.
Fear to loose friends whom I trusted and depend.
Fear to sleep, I might have bad dream.
Fear to fly high because I can't reach the sky.

Fear Oh fear! get out of my life
I'm tired of hugging and hiding in you
Fear Oh fear! just disappear
You give nothing but life in dispair

Its time to change and face the challenge
Take chances and have my dreams
By creating a new life and start from beginning.

by Judith Kempis

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