SP (26-12-73 / india)

Fears: All Kinds

Fearing sterility
he refuses to give up
as a rusted metal piece
he feels he will end up.

Fearing ignomy
the actor past his fifties
dresses up in extravangce
hoping to conceal the tell tale signs of age.

Fearing failure
the student refuses to attempt
he conjures a misplaced
headache hoping to get rid of the task at hand.

Fearing a life of loneliness
the young soul hunts
for a feel good, be good
partner who will add shades of brightness to a pale life.

Fearing exposure of her skills
the lady at home
postpones cooking
phantom ghosts of misformed cakes, upalatable torture her.

Fearing rebellion
the mother does not rein in
her wayward son
for she feels she might lose him forever.

The little champion has known fear
his victory is on the foundation
of a past fear conquered
he looks about and cannot
but feel pity for those who evade fear
adding to its growth rather than facing it head on.

by sreelekha premjit

Comments (2)

postpones cooking phantom ghosts of misformed cakes, upalatable......... wonderful imagery... All fears are so predictable that the negative anticipation does not let us try to venture. Good one
wonderful lesson here.your lines have a lilt of their own.they reverberate. thanks sree.