Our Obligation To Seek The Truth

When you find the truth it cannot be broken
belonging to the sacred word it remains unspoken
as mind and body attach to it and become as one
recognize then your journey ahead will have begun

Reason and logic to one another they belong
necessarily maintaining distance from the norm
truth will forever be that one guiding light
subduing everything false under its might

If the truth is what you seek, you must first prepare
challenges you will face, and dangers to beware
if you resign yourself to accept that which is right
know for your very life, for this alone do you fight

With the existence of evil in this world, have we been surrounded
yet, our ability to choose good over evil, is a truth well founded
the power to achieve our internal peace, lies in our very hands
no escaping this obligation, to pursue truth is what He commands

A person's true essence, is only his soul from within
his body must remain, after sullied from a lifetime of sin
before us are many paths in this world, good, bad, life and death
our goals are the same, to choose life before that final breath

As our souls begin to soar, many awaiting our heavenly trial
taken from us now, freewill to change that lifetime of denial
this light of truth while alive, we still could have acquired
what remains for us to correct, now that we have expired

What words can be said, and what tears will be left to shed
having lived that life, sadly, so void of truth, as one dead
last opportunities do not squander, eternal life is within reach
but first you have to be willing to change, to your heart beseech

by 2bpositive 2bpositive

Comments (3)

The eager search, the insatiable longing. Desire, restlessness. These are more important than the mundane.
Have to agree. So much said in such a short write. Nice.
wooowww...! itz really an awesome poetry though it carry small stanzas of just 3..! The stanzas tell us briefly but forcefully about hunger and thirst of poor Americans at the beginning of twentieth century. The poet doesn't say that she is hungry and thirst. She tells it in an indirect way making it most interesting. The same idea was told long ago in England by William Blake directly in this way: Is this a holy thing to see In a rich and fruitful land Babies reduced to misery Fed with cold and usurous hand.