Feast Of The Clouds On Unforgiving Loops

Skies nearer to the head than usual,
Grounds with an yielding corns more than it ever has

Recital of the piece that was never created before,
A Russian composer?
Was, may be, only smelled in the not so distant past

Prevailing emotions, like colors too sure of themselves,
Even to the extent of being poignant in their ways

The filling up of glasses, and the booze that gushed in,
With kisses that wished to leave no sadness untouched

But it was when it turned up to make the entire living into its own!

But it was when it turned up to make the entire living into its own,
The whole idea, then, it was murmured under the lips,
Wasn't very welcome, in fact

As the clouds rolled up its sleeves,
To make it happen again,

Better, Better
Just not quite like it, just not quite like it
Come on!
Like the one before, like the one before

Strange drums found there way into the whole affair,
Killing the other waves as and when it encountered it,
Finding people that would go against the group they themselves belong to,
And getting into the whole affair, to play its own drums

Strange drums, unforgiving loops,
Strange drums, unforgiving loops,
Unforgiving loops,
Unforgiving loops

What about a beat for the sunny day breath?
What about a space for overridden and ignored holy tears to roll?
What about?

But the ceremony continued,
Rather the altar just got fiercer,
The tribe that prayed to the clouds and for the clouds,
Scorch by their trees and wish of their blues was now not questioned

Haunting drums that they danced to,
A virtue to kill and survive that they adhered to

Chanting, screaming out songs of their forefathers to beget what was lost,
Walking revenge with unforgiving loops on haunting strange drums

Eyes of the animals,
Animals that were sacrificed at this altar,
These eyes, still stared at them,
From the dead,
From the dead,
From the dead

These loops won't give a chance to the asking,
As we too, pressed on
Pressed on, kept on resisting for this,
Our sinews were lost,
In this feast of the clouds

With kids of our world down,
Down with worries unnatural for their age,
And actions they carried out unnatural for their age

We join in the dances of the ceremony,
With loss of our tolerance and our sinews

We too feast on the animals that stare at us from the dead,
With these haunting unforgiving loops of strange drums
In this feast of the clouds

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