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Poem By Kelly Vinal

All around we gather,
Still the one suspected least -
The banquet table, Cromwell seats,
For kings and royalty.
All around we congregate,
Each, a manifestation of me -
What conflicts me;
What constricts me;
What constructs me.
The lieutenant is determination,
The governor is wise -
The lady in the gown and pearls
Is every missed sunrise -
The devil is temptation,
The child, discovery -
That pauper at the very end
Is my humility -
The jester is my wit, the
Olympian, my drive -
The leper in the corner’s hope,
And keeping us alive -
At the head is pride,
And pride, well, that is me -
My chair is gold and emerald-studded,
Silk upholstery -
One by each, we nod and sit,
The one suspected least -
To cast our eyes at the unveiling
Of a wild and conquered beast -
Anger is that beast.

And so we sit and feast.

*From the book: Vapours of Promise, ©2004 - ISBN 1-59526-352-7

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Comments (3)

Highly original construct, and better to feast on anger than have it roam free in the wild.
An interesting metaphor describing the selves contained in personality.
Very clever, realy liked this: -)