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Feasting For The Rich
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Feasting For The Rich

Poem By Randy McClave

People are made out of muscle and bone
Some are pampered and later wear cologne,
Some are sent and educated at the finest schools
So, now they buy and wear the finest jewels,
Then many will gorge and cheat, as they eat.

Many uncaring people find their life's path
Then every night they take their self righteous bath,
They lead the life that only they had chose
And what they do with it, only God knows,
They then drink and they whine, as they dine.

Deeds and exploits will not win the prize
Then without knowing it, one day he or she dies,
The dead rests in peace, but not the living
The stomach is full, but not through giving,
Gluttons as they steal, they enjoy each meal.

In death applauds might be the only sound
When he or she is finally placed into the ground,
And then while their fat body lays there rotting
Retaliation is seeking and also plotting,
Then to say the least, the worms will feast.

Randy L. McClave

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Hey, I like this one with a brilliant ending! Well done Tom Billsborough