MM (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

Feathered Pillow

Another smack
I start to bleed
As a child of ten
Is this what I need

I can't wait
For the time to sleep
I know then
That it's safe to weep

Feathered pillow
Can't feel my pain
And for me, the hurt
I feel
Is hard to explain

I thought mommies
Were supposed to love
And not be vultures
That strike from above

Can't she see
I've done nothing wrong
Or is this the meaning
Of tough love

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Comments (2)

Sad experience that is too true for some, well penned
Your writing flowed, sad it is for pain experienced by a child-at the hands of a parent is the deepest pain ever to have. The feeling of being unsecure and wondering when the next pain will be felt. It was a good write, although sad.