Poem By Stasia Uhrhammer

Up and up we fly and fly
Keep your head turned towards the sky,
Looking back you comprehend
Clipped wings that cannot fly again.

Meteors falling left and right
Amid the screams of dreaded fight
The torn feathers floating down
To be trampled and to drown

Upon the cold hard ground

Kick the door and fan the flame
The fallen angels are the same
As the wretch, the whore, the shame
Never again to fly same

With wings leaden and shorn

Lying there on rocky ground
The mottled feathers gather round
To open eyes and soften hearts,
To pain, to life, to hopes, to doubts.

And the beautiful hearts
Gather the broken wings
Toiling to mend these trampled things,
Which are the only signs that beauty brings

To this earth of life and pain

Something hopeless and beautif’ly sad
In the tears of angels on the ground,
Fallen angels all around.

Comments about Feathers

it is so amazing how one can put a big image about such small thing but real.

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