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Feathery Plump
AR (05/01/1982 / )

Feathery Plump

Poem By Andrew Rose

Feathery bird so plump so fair,
Soaring across me, no time to care,
Feathery plump, scooting around,
Hovering, fighting for crumbs on the ground.

Within silence you lighten my scene,
Always panting and though twittering,
Chatting alone, no time to spare,
I stare briefly; you skip off some other where.

I scatter spare seed slowly on the steps,
Submissively you approach, soon no regrets,
I’ve been coerced by your beauty, your conduct superior,
Consistent generosity appreciated within hysteria.

Your attitudes towards outsiders, transpires into bold,
You realise everything within your own little world,
Constantly self-conscious of your frantic existence,
Involved personally with me, now, limited resistance.

Pecking your seed you’re blissfully unaware
Of how relentless you look; revelation I care,
Gradually through time it transpires you notice me,
Too much, too quick, owned by no one, you flee.

Delivery, in your beak you hold a twig,
A relic from a tree far away that’s out of sight,
To me, you cautiously relinquish your grip,
You scurry away with a light-hearted skip.

On the rooftops alone, stillness exhibited,
Protected through creation, now uninhibited,
A revolution in spirit, free, you spy on me,
In my eyes do you see a person not free?

Heightened tension engulfs, you, fly off, in a trance,
You live within chaos, of a well-ordered menage,
Answerable to no one, no limits to your esteem;
Wearisome and alone by myself once again.

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