February 14th

February 14th …


My people I call dear,
If those who peep at reality with soft a glance, this earth carries none;
How sad was this dwelling going to be?
Like grass, allow them to flourish
Let them bloom like the Jacaranda in October.
For as hidden like a violet upon woods is their secret scent.
Trafficking in mockery saved the mocker:
The art of laughing long have I mastered,
February 14th is my witness!


No pointing rough fingers at each other,
Even raising arms of protests,
Forget polishing others with unheaven-worthy names,
Exchanging bittersweet phrases, must we all drop:
When one sees life from but a different angle.
So let it be in these our changing times,
That whoever is struck to his or her naked sentiment
No crooked judge should be appointed to pass a verdict.
The art of laughing long I have mastered,
February 14th is my witness!


Street corners, tunnels, parks, name them all…
Parade: Roses, Lilies or Ferns, bloody red.
Such a reflection of hearts they never match.
A dim resemblance of how unique our being is.
Scented, chocolated, colored heart like printed
Mugs, cards, cakes, clothing even people
Is the order of the very day in question:
Thus, I am remained of the Bible’s paradise.
The art of laughing long have I mastered,
February 14th is my witness!

A belief, an idea, a slogan or a song
That money has given a head and face;
My fellow dwellers of earth have defined Love!
They went further with their equation;
Material plus materials gives you Love!
You have cash even love track after you.
This song has the world’s modification
Leaving the poor man enjoying it like a dream
For no sticky a red rose, he can afford.
Who said Valentine’s Day is those very expensive goods?
The art of laughing long have I mastered.
February 14th is my witness.


A year ago, on a friend, my neighbour it did happen,
On the so called “Val’s Day”.
He like his modern fellow,
Those scented, chocolated, colored and heart like commercial articles
On the roadside, did he purchase: cash and carry!
To his sweetie and dumped for the first time ever since.
We held our breath when his sweetie opened a shop that very evening
And named it: “Give us Love Enterprise”
The followed day, another in our neighbhood like a circus elephant stood engraved;
“Not Just Material things! ”
Within a week, ten more were built and opened.
It was a lesson we all carried;
Those who were showered with them on “Val’s Day”
So lonely hearts did they carry.
I had perfected the art of laughing long;
14th February is enough for my witness….

by PoetMoza Moza

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This is a wonderful piece of writing that I highly recommend. It takes a shot at Valentine's Day, which happens to be my favorite day of the year. But I don't mind when it is done so well as this. Highly recommended. GW62