The Flame Inside

Blinking light in the sky,
I look around; no alibi.
Dangerous flashing coming toward me,
I begin to quiver,
ground shaking beneath me.
A scary sight for any eye,
I begin to realize I could die.
If I were to be as fortunate,
as those who rest in peace,

Change of thought, eyebrows crease.
For dying would not be better,
then feeling these feelings deep inside.
I try to think but simply can’t decide.
The anger inside my bottled up life,
cuts me deep, like a knife.
The damage I cause to my once pure heart,
force me tears and a brand new start.

The ashes of my burning hate,
come to life and celebrate,
the choice that came to cleanse my mind.
To forgive and also to be kind.
To understand my life awaiting,
can be cruel and often hating,
But to fear not as the truth beholds
the power that I hold.

Join me now, set it free,
the anger inside causes insanity.
Understand we must be strong,
tell the difference between right and wrong.
Peace to the world, joy to others,
tell your friends and tell you mothers!

A prayer to sing and sing to all,
Trust me as I catch your fall,
I am here I understand.
Bond with me as we comprehend,
the joyous ways of life around us,
wonderful sites will always surround us.
I see you forgive,
now pass it on.
Give to others,
Don’t wait too long!

by Pip Lucas

Comments (9)

A great selection, as usual, Bri. As for those finger licking oddities- -images now burned right past the retinas and into the deepest recesses of the brain
Bri, your instructions are most difficult to to follow. Just access the poet's page and get to the poem that you wish to read. Life is already hard; don't make it worse! ! Ho! Ho!
some parts of the showcase, including some of the 'partial links', have spaces where they 'were not' when i typed and submitted the 'showcase'. so if you copy and paste some 'partial links', as they MAY be on the 'showcase page', you may not be directed to the poems' pages. ; ( i doubt i can remove the spaces, as i've tried to correct such 'stupid spaces' in the past! bri: ( BUT PH IS free! ! ! Yay! ! Thanks PH, whoever you are. bri ;)
I enjoyed this showcase. Thanks for giving us this selection to read.
I have decided to look at the merit of the work irrespective of the person who has drafted it or who is marketing/promoting it (without fear or favor) ! I am happy that you have displayed a beautiful poem of one of my favorite poetess! Let the visibility of this wonderful piece of work increase!
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