Azure sky, streaked with cloud
Catkins and buds on every bough
Early flowers amass the fields
In a rainbows hue of colour
Is it really only February
With all this April weather
And yet the sun shines brightly
The grass is as green as in May
And even the wind, though northerly
Is like a springtime breeze with its gentle sway
Is it really only February
As people look around in wonder
Where is the snow and ice, they say
As they gaze up at the too blue sky
Looking for snow clouds that are not there
And roads that are too dry
Is this really only February
With all these signs of spring
The people watch and wait to see
If when March comes roaring in
We find that this is a Winters lie
This is only February
April weather is for the spring
Is Winter laughing up his sleeve
Does snow lie on March's wing
Is Winter waiting for a final fling
Or has it really passed us by

by Marilyn Shepperson

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