To Build Up 2

To build up;
Only with the truth,
After righteous laws.
Time to build up,
To build up your mind,
With the muse of the truth;
Following after righteous laws.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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Is anyone else floored by this excellence? Nice? Oh, far beyond nice. Let's strive for such greatness when we read the words penned by giants.
Nice poem, I liked it, Thanks fr sharing.
If anybody knows about winter in Siberia, it's Boris Pasternak. This verse is the best for me: Where rooks in thousands falling, like charred pears from the skies, drop down into puddles, bringing cold grief to the depths of eyes.
Awesome description of happenings in February and bleakness spread in the aftermath. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
Bleakness in February
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