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February The 14th
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February The 14th

Poem By Randy McClave

It's February the 14th once again
In the world of love for both women and men,
When love and intimacy is rekindled
And no one wants to be cheated on, or swindled.
I wish that I could stand on the highest perch
I wish that I could shout out in the largest Church,
Then I would ask for a joyous amen
As it is February the 14th, once again.

In the past I have been lied to and also cheated
Many times by my love and often repeated,
Then unto the world and unto all lovers I would say
I hate and I detest Valentines Day.
Then that woman by worth entered into my life
She came with virtue and bandages, not lies and a knife,
Because of her, my heart it now again sings
So, then I gave my love, a pair of pure pearl earrings.

It is February the 14th once again
My love life is finally ready to truly begin,
And what my love got me I really don't know
But, whatever it is. I will never let it go.
As I wipe the sleep and the tiredness out of my eyes
I am finally truly happy my soul does realize,
So, I thank God and the stars, with a prayer and grin
It's finally February the 14th once again.

Randy L. McClave

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