PS ( / Hagerstown, Maryland)

Fecal City

fecal city, do you cradle a corpse
somewhere in your sewer depths? you might hold
the bones of one who loved & played for me.

i cross the river quickly to escape
your smoke & dirty underwear, your smoke
& the scratchy train tracks running through like veins.

even as you nod at me your leaves fall & rotate in the water,
turning me into the proverbial nuclear winter,
a paradox of rigidity with a cold burn.

roxy, see if you can get him on the phone.
roxy, i tell you true, wet panties & desire
will not light the way.

these symbols look a lot like confusion.
he doesn't feel i have enough support,
that i should hold hands more at bedtime.

read your books & take your medicine.
try not to sleep your life away.

roxy, why do we always end up
at the end?

by Pasha Satara

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Some interesting images. Some disturbing, yes, but who's looking for nursery rhymes here? Those unanswered questions, so examinable, and so frustrating?