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Federal Flow
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Federal Flow

Now if we had the courage
We’d pour into the jar
All the things that we have witnessed whispered in the dark
And when that jar gets heavy
With our absent confidence
we'd put it to our lips and drink it's meaning and it's sense

It has no end so let's offend the
Let's transcend the
Let's apprehend the

Nothing could be plainer
Than the wrongs that have been done
And there is no mystery in what is yet to come
It's the flow that howls incite
It's the flow that runs and hides
It's the flow that winds it’s spineless coils and slithers out of sight
Your plight above the furrow
Lingers as long as you’ll allow
Through tattered ends that twist and bend about the Here and Now
The Here seems blind and helpless
And preaches against the dark
The Now is an agenda and the minute’s on the mark

Let's all ascend its
Let's all descend its
It has no end so let's pretend it

There ain’t much, but little
That escapes the powers that be
The courts that judge, the schools that smudge our meager histories
But when that flood surrounds me
When the deluge blocks the sun
Who knows the things that it has done, who knows when it begun

It has no end so let's extend the

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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