Feed Together

I always have this urge to feed someone,
Be someone they can rely on,
Take care of them and feel as one.

Rather it be visiting cute orphans each Saturday,
Or spend the morning before class baking brownies away.
To give away to a child who is well on his way.
Of pursuing something better each day.

I like the gift of giving,
It makes life so full of meaning.

I am a giver and not much of a taker,
So much to say I want to remain this way forever.

I hope my future husband agrees,
Doesn't become jealous when he sees,

For I know not all guys approve of this behavior,
See this act of some beauty of ‘her.'

by Safiyyah Manjra

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Comments (4)

A beautiful poem is shared here! Thank you for your wonderful masterpiece on giving!
Safiyyah, such a great poem...10++++
I like the gift of giving, It makes life so full of meaning. how happy you are to say loud hei i am a giver....... you may not proclaim it loud to others, but u say in your heart......... i am a giver.......... my God i was thinking of Mother Theresa when i read it. God bless your giving hands, your body, your brain, your legs.......... God is in love with u dear poet. tony
and God loveth a cheerful giver...thak you for sharing your poem of generosity..10++++++