Feeding On A Lesson

Feeding on a lesson

I hear them stomp up the stairs
Queuing outside the door
I wait, stand starving
For the class I have in store.

I stand outside the cave,
Licking my lips with hope
I wish for a filling treat
Of what I can cope.

I invite them inside
Sit them in their seats
Fill them with an essay
I give such good treats.

Butter them all up
Give them a story to read,
Coax them into writing
A response to leave me pleased.

I give them more work
To stuff there little minds
I wait for one to finish
So I fiddle with the blinds.

Just one child finishes,
The fattest of the class
He gulps in all my info
And answers me en mass

20 minutes left,
Till our meal is complete
So I hand out some poems,
To make my prey obese.

5 minutes till my feast
So I may as well confess
I’m an English teacher
And I only feed on success.

by Paul Humphrey

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