One Day

I don't know why I feel like this.
I don't know that I deserve any bliss.
Perhaps my timing is wrong.
When will let someone free come along.
I have all this love to give.
But why won't he come with me to live?
He won't share his pain, yet he does not know he causes mine.
The other arrives like a magnet to my grief.
I am swiftly running out of my own belief.
Too many tears, too many fears, please tell me for how many more years?
I hope you wake to a day of action. Before I am gone with no retraction.

by Hazel Wilson

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wins me over to the Big Burp Theory, Bill
In our minds! ! Thanks for sharing.
We humans recognize that there are great cosmic energy loops, and it is understandable that we want to consider ourselves important enough to contribute something to natural cycles. Bill Knott is writing tongue-in-cheek here, showing our human awkwardness about knowing where we fit in cosmically. We may wish to contribute to a cycle that is on a different scale from our own. In truth, our relation to the Creator is similar. We want to give something back, but all we can give is our praise and gratitude, which is on a different order of magnitude (in a different dimension) from what made us.
Great imagery! Seems like a science fiction. Enjoyed.
Reminds me of the movie STAR WARS series.... Thanks for posting...
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