Feel the beat of my heart.
As it dies for you.
Wipe the tears from my eyes
from all your lies.
Pick me up an lay me upon
my bed.
As memory's of you fade.
Carry no quilt are blame.
I loved you with all my
heart. Within each tear
is a part of you.
Soon they'll dry an be
no more. As you slowly
disappear.No turning
back nor moving forward.
As you slowly vanish
from eyes.I'll not see
you anymore Nor feel
the pain you placed.
Deep within me.
At peace
i shall become.
You have known a love like
you'll never know again.
An held it in your arms
as it slowly drifted to
it's death.
With the last breath i take
You no longer exist my love.
Not even a memory to me
But when i wake i will start new
without you.

by Jackie Kirby

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