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Feel Free To Share My Hobby
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Feel Free To Share My Hobby

Poem By Mary Nagy

I've never had a hobby...
one that I would share.
I never got excited
cause I really didn't care.

Now I feel the passion
of sharing what I write.
Although I may not have the skill
I surely have the fight.

I use to write in shadows.
My thoughts were just my own.
I never thought they'd find themselves
outside my comfort zone.

But as I'm getting older
I crave the written word
and now it gives me comfort
when I know that I am heard.

I now will claim my hobby.
I say ''I love to write''.
I'll welcome you to read it.
Share my pleasures and my plight.

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Comments (8)

Perfect! I am now thinking of sharing my poem about how I have turned to poetry after struggling with motivation to write a story.
Mary, thank you for sharing your work. It is of a very personal nature and it shows a lot of courage and maturity to do so. Keep writing and keep sharing! Brian
On the good ship poetry, I would like you to steer our hearts. For there is much strength in you and so much strength in your words.Love Duncan
Yes, Mary, and your hobby touches people, this one included!
Thanks for the offer, and I will be honored to share my hobby with you. This passion for the arts is very addicting...thanks for the poetry to bring out our union as one. Great poets that have so much to say, as one poet once told me 'poems are our tears.'