Feel Hatred

Love me, hate me, do whatever you want to me, show me passion, show me bitterness, tell me something sweet, then you take it back, leave me here speechless, why can't you face the facts, i'm dying, not you, me, so stop all this nonsense and come be with me, don't let me die alone in this world, show me something to live for, but your words kill me more then my cancer, i guess you hate me for dying, i can't help it, it's not like i asked for this, cry, cry, don't get attatched to me, before i break your heart, that beats for me, i'm sorry i failed you apparently.

by Julietta Isla

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i stopped by to read a new poem but i couldn't find one. i hope you are ok
I wish he would give you the love you need so much. and I wish I could say something to make you feel better. Maybe another reader knows