AG (May 26,1989 / Georgia)

Feel My Pain- 11-25-04

Dressed in black surrounded by pink.
Hiding behind text books,
With only comfort coming from ink.
Avoiding the hateful looks.

Living where i dont belong.
Knowing where my love lies.
Struggling to remain strong.
Longing to forget the look in her eyes.

I'm not meant to be here.
In a town that hates all that is me.
Allowing myself to shed the tear.
As I wonder when I'll be free.

I'm freezing in this heat,
And bleeding from this scar.
Trying to avoid defeat.
Wondering just how long and far.

Goodbye I die today.
You drove me to this so smile.
You'd never listen to what I say.
So I hope you feel my pain awhile.

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First of all i would appreciate the effort you put in writing so philosophical poem... poem.....The pain you described can be felt by every sensitive we are sent to this world so are bound to live our part od life.....anyway we wish we could live it purposefully and of course meaningfully..... Best of luck for your future..... Azhar