The Whingers I Know Of

I'd rather not know them though them I meet every day
I quickly tire of whingers I mean what I say
Whingers I know not poor people though they like to complain
Some human behaviour is hard to explain
Since they never did or will never know of poverty
Why they do complain does seem puzzling to me
Perhaps for to grizzle they do feel the need
Yes human behaviour can be puzzling indeed
The whingers I know of are financially secure
When I think of the hardships the poor Haitian Earthquake victims do endure
To complain these people would have earned the right
How could one expect them to be happy in their lives uphill fight
They make every whinger I know of seem a multi millionaire
People who of what real hardship feels like would hardly be aware.

by Francis Duggan

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review Kristi Casey8 minutes ago Well done 1 hour ago
Friends or foes, accusations or admiration, acclaiming or downgrading, it is better to keep the balance of mind and a good opinion that gives in the poem and likes it.
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no one is perfect even if I am not I will act nice write
Even if I am not perfect I shall try to act