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Feel No Distance
JJ ( / Ontario, Canada)

Feel No Distance

Poem By Jennifer Jenkins

when tides bow
under saffron skies,
we become one with the twilight-
memories thaw
in its cinders.

your breath moves in circles
of certainty, unravelling
the fabric of hesitation.
my hands,
pressed in the bedclothes
are for him,
while my tongue draws curves
in the softness of
your mouth.

the sandalwood burns
through sleeves of
your notebook;
we smoke the indian wind
until the curtains flare
like distant sails.

as dawn exhales its embers
you barely elicit a whisper;
but I've been reading
your lips-

in this moment
your closeness comforts me,
that I may leave you,
and return
to my foreign affair.

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boy what a welcome discovery reading you quality verse Crsig