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Feeling Alone
AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)

Feeling Alone

Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

So I saw my lover the other right
He left Orlando the very next day
My hugger's still here, I love him too
And I know he feels the same way

I also have a sexy, compulsive liar
Who has a charisma that I can't name
I want to touch him whenever I can
But having sex has become mundane

I'm so self-conscious
Of everything I do
How I look, speak, and act
Does anyone have a clue?

I like all the attention I get
It seems I don't even have to try
Just a smile, a laugh, or a wink
But then I start to wonder why

If I really am as cute
As all these people say
Then why do I feel so much alone
At the end of every day?


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The speaker's lover, hugger, and of course, liar aren't giving her the one thing she really wants...and needs: love. A meaningful write, Angelique, and one that I wholly identify with.