The Sweetness Of Your Love

Stir up a hunger in my heart
nothing will satisfied me.
Nothing else will do on my own
my heart can turn as hard as a stone,
but you can make it tender again with your love.

Wide open arm when i need your love
you would come if i was lost.
all you feel for me is undying Love.
Now it's move my soul
now you made me whole.

How my heart it long for you
I cry out every night and day for more!
I will lay me down on your feet,
and listen to the sweetest sound of all.
you are able to do what you have promised
I've been created in your image and bough me
and you sough me your blood poured out for me.

You brought me life, you've made me whole
you have rescued me. I'm forever great-full,
that you have been faithful to me. Save the wretch like me.
there is none i desire besides you.
you have made me glad.

Your Anger last for a moment in time
but your favor is here and will be on me for
all my lifetime. I feel the sweetness of your love
Piercing my darkness. I see the bright and morning
Sun as it Ushers in your Joyful gladness.

by Mary Wismer

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Do you think you feel angry because maybe you don't know how to feel about yourself? I know sometimes l don't, that is why I asked.