Feeling Fat

it's hard on me
putting this weight on
i thought when it got warm
the extra weight would be gone

i put a few pounds on
in the winter, like most
i tried diets, exercising
eating nothing but toast

still nothing helps
i keep on growing
with no end in sight
to its slowing

when it first started
i was a size four
after two months
i cant get thru a door

these next few months
it'll only get worse
soon i'll be
bigger than a horse

i'll get so big
i'll wobble when i walk
then to me
guys wont bother to talk

i get thru this fat time
cause to me, he doesnt
answer his phone

by sandy nobody

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Ahh... the eating binge because of love. Don't despair find one worthy of YOUR time. Regards Patricia Gale