Feeling For Her

Poem By JeanFrancois Denis

She is so confused and never say a word,
Maybe she did, but it seems nobody ever heard.
She is lonely and hurt inside,
Day by day her heart seems to subside.

Easy to see the life she lives is bad,
When every day I can see her sad.
She walks unsure and alone, but always so polite
Her eyes likely in shame always avoid the light.

To see her smile would be like heaven's kiss,
To feel her happy would be an absolute bliss.
She definitely needs someone,
And I want to be that one for her with my arms wide open.

If she never smile again, I will give her mine,
If she is never happy again, I will never be fine.
I can feel she deserves more,
Because I see myself reflecting in her heart's core.

I want to share her pain as her protector,
I want to make her happy as her lover.
Unable to see a gracious woman so sad,
It always makes me feel bad.

Her eyes are so blank and empty,
What she sees through them is not pretty.
I wish I could have been there for her,
Since NOW you can cry for her...

J.F. Denis
JD Free Soul

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