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Feeling Of Acrimony
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Feeling Of Acrimony

Poem By Briana Quinn

Anxiety and destruction fills my blood stream. Anger and frustration turn my face red with fury. Headaches errupt and all rationality disappears. My former self comes in and takes over my thoughts. I can't look at you without throwing daggers. When you turned away, you shattered almost every part of us. But what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger. Im not physically well built but i am emotionally. I hate every ounce of you being. I wish you were never apart of my life. Fear of you no longer exists but i know what you're capable of. I see it as a challenge. Nothing you do is right. You call us your life when you know for a fact that's not correct. My pulse races and i become hot from being livid. I want the drama out of my life. You're horrible to me and i hope you don't plan on me talking to you in the future because i won't. I want the feeling of being trapped to exit and the feeling of freedom to step in. The peace that was there before you popped into my life come back. You take everything that is good away from me. But i dare you to try to take my last chance of happiness this time because i won't let you.

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