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Feeling One Alone

Where do I fit?
The more time goes by
The same answer
Keeps coming back -
And with

So few people
To really talk to
So few who really know
Or want to know
Me. And those
That sometimes do,
Can’t sustain it.

Yet what I offer
As a friend, companion,
Lover, goes way
Beyond what I see them
Give to each other,
What they give to me.

Superficial encounters,
The thrill of the moment.
All part of life,
But there is more.
Am I the only one
Who needs that?
Frightens most away.

So guess I’ll continue
Trying to live their way,
To avoid total isolation,
Keep up appearances
With my many ‘friends’.
But at the end of each day
I still feel one alone.

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Comments (5)

Why are we scared to get so close? Is it unseemly to coalesce. Real contact we all miss That I agree is where we may find bliss Ohh and I don't just mean flesh. Nicely expressed Susan.
Many of us can empathise with this one, Susan. You've captured the feeling so well. Love, Fran xxx
this really strikes a chord with me susan! well said and well written.(-and its nice to know im not the only one)
Not too worthy or wordy. Just honest and quite beautiful, Angela Norris
I believe that we all feel this way in our lives even though we may have many friends and family members around us. But we must understand that we are not alone even when we are. We have those memories to comfort us during those times and of course for those of us that believe in God he is there. May you you find peace and joy that you seek in your heart each and everyday. Scott