Feeling Special

After our dinner, one bright summer night,
we went riding, out in the moonlight,
down through the canyon to, the valley below,
the stars were twinkling, I want you to know
it was so peaceful, not a cloud in the sky,
we were so happy and we knew why,
cause a baby was coming, the result of our love,
a love predestined, from god up above,
the love in your eyes was sparkling so bright,
I was excited from the news, you told me tonight,
to father our child was like heaven to me,
those words made me, so happy you see,
with a child on the way, and my ring on your hand,
I felt like yelling, I felt so grand,
but instead we went riding out in the moonlight,
how happy we were on that wonderful night,
the time passed so slowly, it went crawling by,
but it didn't dim the look in your eye,
sometimes you would laugh, sometimes you would cry,
then your tummy started growing and I understood why,
a womans emotions change often when she,
is expecting a young one in her family,
a baby to nurture, to keep safe through the years,
will change her from laughing and bring her some tears,
they are not tears of sadness but of impending joy,
when she will deliver a girl or a boy,
there is a million things we must do,
big ones for me, but small ones for you,
time is now flying the big day arrives,
I hear you moaning, then I hear your sighs,
the doctor gets here, and chases me out,
at last I hear the baby and I give a shout,
you look so beautiful with our girl in your arms,
the love in your eyes enhances your charms,
my thoughts then wander back to that night,
when we went riding out in the moonlight,
those words you told me, made me feel grand,
and I still remember how I felt like a special man,
to have won your love was so special to me,
and I will love you through eternity.

written by Harry Bryant
3/16/02 2: 36: 52 PM ©

by Harry Bryant

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Thanks for sharing, it is a very optimistic poem full of joy it touched me thanks
Beautiful, penned with true emotions of love... well done