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Feeling Stupid(Feedback Appreciated)

Solid white translucent flesh eating at someone’s soul until the heart yields with all but a sliver of a chance that people can be free from tyranny.

Every half of a quarter second equals an eternity beyond years and miles to which we all seem bland.

A great writer once said “stupid is as stupid does” and yet we still don’t know the meaning of our existence? I can’t fathom what our purpose is or if we even have one but I know we are not here to suffer.

Suffer as the existence of man and woman eating away at the earths crust with all but calm in white eyes.

People eat but don’t care for the people who provide it. People kill without realizing the man who wills it. People die not seeing the person who gains from it. I write not knowing if I’m supposed to enjoy it.

But because I’m me and your you, and they are they and not we, we cannot understand what they are. Pure evil? Or genuinely naïve? Those are how different sides see it. But some say that because we bitch and complain, and stand up to protest, we are but the same. I sure hope not,

Shit….now I feel stupid

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poetically insightful, for me. take care.