Poem By sonia roy

The soft touch of the gentle gold
The expansiveness of the early eve.
The gradual setting of the violet
over blue.
The green grasses apparently
calming down
The violet getting engulfed by the
glistening black
Setting a deep passion into the
hearts of the grasses.
Almost in a culmination.
The blushing of the grasses at the
early dew.
The caressing touch of the morning sun
Over the last night's bruishes.
The grass cherishes it and waits for
the dark.
I miss you as the grass misses the night.
I miss you at the weeping of the rains.
I miss you at the splashing of the waves.
O Feeling! I try hard to drive you out
Alas! fail everytime.

Comments about Feeling

A deep feeling stirred by colourful objects around.
The poem has got a nice soothing feeling to it. Ashish.

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4,5 out of 5
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