BN (1-29-1993 / france)


How do i feel when iam alone?
How do i feel when iam sad?
How do i feel when iam watched day and night?
How do i feel when i have friends who care theless about my eres?
How do i feel when i have love always by my side?
Yes, i have feelings because iam a human being.
There's no shame about it.
There is nothing to be said about it.
So why do they tend me weak because i cry?
So why do they say iam mad when i dance around?
So why do they say i should be ashamed because iam shy?
What i forget is poeple will always speak no matter what happens

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true true true true one million times 10 you're truly truly a good poet dearest
'In life theres only one garentee... your feet won't always be on the groun cause we ALL fall down...'- Diamond Rio Yea people who are like that shouldn't be, because they do it to and who knows, they may do it more so than they think. We all have to go through things we all feel things differently emotional critique shouldn't exist. Why are you crying? You may not even know. Obviously if your dancing your happy... hey thats a good thing I'll go dancin in the rain anytime! Now call me crazy...
This is very positive poem! It reminds us of all the pain which a human, subjected to all the taunts go through; however, a strong and courageous human comes out of these rumblings by sheer grit! This is especially important for teenagers! However, all humans are not so strong, and some are very sentimental, whom we should nurture and support. Great write Blessing!
this is an interesting poem.. it makes me think about the humen factors and life nice :) -ryan
worful poem, it hits sortof the same area as your poem 'think'. Only this poem hits on feelings more than thought. And people feel that it is right to judge people by what they feel or what their actions are it's part of being human, feelings are powerful as well as thought not as powerful but they are very powerful if you control someones feelings you control in a sense of speaking them. great poem. very well written
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