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We have all been hurt at some point in our life.
We carry around feelings so deep in our heart, that our heart stops growing.
Feelings that we either can not deal with or choose to hideaway,
waiting for a stronger day to conquer the hurt.
We all store away pieces of our life, that hurt and cause us pain,
the kind of pain that destroys our being from within.
We all have feelings and thoughts that hurt us so deeply that we prefer to forget.
But unfortunately we are only hiding, hiding behind a false sense of comfort.
Comfort in the fact, that we do not have to deal with the pain of
confront the memory that destroyed a part of our heart.
No one ever said that life would be fair, but no one said that we would ever learn
to live with the pain that we have endured.
We all question, God's being from time to time, usually during the most tragic and
trying of times in our life.

But there must be a message or a lesson to be learned - but what?

Don't look so hard, for the harder you look, the harder it is to find what
may be clearly before you.

We receive messages every day but are to busy to see them.

We learn more lessons on a daily basis, the older we get.

Messages and lessons that are vitally important to our well-being.

These messages and lessons are needed to live life to its fullest.

A healthy and happy fulfilling life full of love, joy and peace.

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