I have these feelings deep inside
That I'm always trying to hide
People always tell me I should let them out
But that gives me a head full of doubt
I know it helps to talk about how I'm feeling
But then that is peoples time I am stealing
They probably have better things to do
Then sit around and listen to me vent and give me advide too
Sometimes I get stuck in my head
When I'd rather be having fun instead
My thoughts and feelings make people run
They tell me they can't take it and they are done
There are only certain people who mean the most to me
And the real Kayla is who they will see
They see through the emotions to who I really am
And tell me that I mean alot to them
It scares me too hear them say this
Cause if they leave it's those words that I'll miss
So heres to hoping no one else leaves
Cause then I'll end up with bloody sleeves

by Kayla Kuhmayer

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